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     I've been lucky to have been around music all my life.  My mother taught piano lessons when I was young, and there was always music around the house.  I started creating music when I was four, with an incredibly boring little idea on the piano, but it was a start.

     I played oboe in school for nine years, and enjoyed competing and playing classical music in bands and orchestras at the state level.  But while the classical training helped in many ways, and still influences my current playing on saxophone, it was too limiting for me.  I needed to branch out.

     My final year of high school, I picked up the saxophone, played in the jazz band, and fell in love with the freedom of improvisation.

     During my college years, I played for 3 years in an electro-acoustic rock band called Traveling Matt.  That gave me the experience of performing for crowds of people, and helped me develop as an instrumentalist and a musician.

     I took a number of years off from playing after Traveling Matt broke up.  But as the years passed, the itch to bring music back into my life grew.  In early 2017, I got the idea to try my hand at busking.  Playing on the street for people seemed like something I'd feel comfortable doing, and I just needed to find the right place for me.

     It didn't take long before I started playing outside the TD Garden, before and after sporting events and concerts.  It completely brought back that joy for performing I had missed so much.  I feed off people's enjoyment of the music, which in turn fuels my playing.  

     Busking has led to some other exciting playing opportunities, and I'm always excited to find new adventures, meet new people, and bring my music to fresh ears.  I'm happy to consider any kind of event, so by all means, if you have something in mind, hit that "Contact" button at the top of the page and reach out!

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